Eat to Live

I had seen some improvements as I  changed my diet, but I also knew it wasn’t enough. I was

EAT TO LIVE -c over_color_correctedstill tired all the time and experienced symptoms that impacted my ability to live a full life. Worse yet, I started to fear I was getting depressed.  I wanted to give Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live approach a try. This was radical for me because I LOVE FOOD. I love wine. I love dessert. I love great restaurants. I try to do everything in moderation, but food is an important part of my life. I told myself it didn’t have to be forever, but that I had to give it a try.

I started in January knowing that in March I would be getting blood work done. I was hoping that would be enough time to see improvements.

I followed Dr. Fuhrman’s autoimmune protocol. Here are the highlights:
  • Vegan diet with lots of green vegetables
  • Avoidance of wheat, salt, oil, and sugar
I was disappointed when the blood work was consistent with what it had been before I started the plan. By then though, I was experiencing enough of an improvement in my energy levels and other symptoms I knew I had to stick to it. I lost a few pounds and started to start to consider what my next step could be. I was feeling more like myself. As promising as these changes were, they also showed me how much I had been missing. Each week I just tried to get to the weekend so that I could sleep and recover. I had stopped exercising all together. This impacted how I felt both physically and mentally. With my energy increasing I knew I needed to start exercising again.

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