Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA


Have you ever felt stuck, really stuck? Even after I started to have more energy, I couldn’t get motivated. This has never been a problem for me in the past, but somehow I just couldn’t get started. Running has always been my exercise of choice. Running felt like it was too much, so I started to explore other options. I was interested in yoga, but I needed to know more about it. I read a book entitled Hell Bent that provided an in depth look at competitive hot yoga written by Benjamin Lorr. It was fascinating and made me even more convinced that yoga was worth a try. Even though my mind knew that yoga was worth a try, that conscious understanding wasn’t enough to get me off of the couch.

At just the time when I needed it the most, my friend surprised me with a bucket list trip to Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts. It was AMAZING- just what I needed at the moment when I needed it most. After we arrived, we plotted out our weekend. I went to my first Pilates, ballet barre, and yoga classes. We did an ab class and an interval class on the treadmills. I felt great!

The facial and massage were wonderful. The menu was perfect for me. I had vegan and gluten free options at each meal. The best part was spending so much time with my friend. Once I got home I was ready to give those hot classes I had been researching a try.

The whole experience taught me an important lesson about what it takes to get out of a slump. Canyon Ranch won’t always be an option, but I can grab a friend and get them to try something new with me. Have you been stuck? What has worked for you?

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