Hot Yoga

After I returned from Canyon Ranch, I knew that it was time for me to go to those hot yoga classes I had researched on line. Most importantly, I finally had the courage to go. Saying this now seems silly, but at the time, it was impossible for me to gather the energy and the courage to try something like this. In a way, I think I was paralyzed. I was stuck.

My introduction at Canyon Ranch helped, but I was also spurred on by a new prescription for blood pressure medication from my doctor. In addition to the typical numbness in my hands and toes, I was beginning to experience pain in two of my toes. The pain did not seem directly related to the numbness from cold, so I was concerned. I just couldn’t stand the idea of taking a medication designed to treat a condition I don’t have (my blood pressure is regular to low) with the hope that it would positively impact my symptoms. I got the prescription filled and promised myself that I would take the first pill the next time I felt the pain. In the meantime, I was going to try to exercise to see if improved circulation would relieve the symptom.

I was hoping to find a Bikram yoga class, but the closest studio was approximately 40 minutes away from my home and in the opposite direction from where I work. Instead I found a place in my town that offers hot yoga flow, vinyasa yoga, and a detox yoga. I arrived early just as the website had recommended. I filled out the necessary forms and told the instructor that I was new. I did what I could to follow the directions and imitate what I saw everyone else doing. The instructor talked us through each pose, but I had to learn a whole new vocabulary of words to describe poses.

I knew I had to try it again, so a couple of days later I attended my second class. It was a different teacher this time, and I loved her! I have been back two-three times a week, tried a variety of teachers, and I am hooked. I haven’t experienced the pain in my toes since I started yoga; so I never started the medication. It is the best anecdote to stress I have ever found. If I leave work completely wound up with every muscle in my body tense and a tight ball of worry in my gut, I can go to class and literally let it all go. I don’t know how it happens, but I walk away feeling different. The problems are still there, but the physical impact of the problems is gone.

What’s the thing that you have thought about trying for a long time? It’s that little idea that keeps creeping in even though you regularly dismiss it because it doesn’t sound like you at all. Pay attention and see where it leads. Now I am asking myself: What else do I need to pay attention to?

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