Holding the Pose

After attending yoga class for a couple of months, I started to become more familiar with the poses. I found that I could get into most of the poses, but I wasn’t holding some of them for more than a few seconds. I wasn’t coming out of the pose because it hurt, it was more like I was jumping back from it. I realized this one day when we were doing camel pose. I started to wonder what would happen if I could stay there for a little while longer. More importantly, what was happening to cause me to pull back when I didn’t need to? Are there other areas of my life where I have been pulling back? I’m there. I’m doing it, but I pull back at the last moment without explanation. What am I afraid of? Even if I am unable to articulate why I am pulling back, maybe it’s enough to be conscious of this response so that I can adjust my reaction, stay in the pose, and perhaps go deeper. I made three tweaks to help me stay in the pose. Here they are:

  • Find images of what the pose is supposed to look like. Visualize yourself doing it and holding it.
  • Focus on the part of the pose that you like. In camel pose, I love the feeling of the chest opening. Think about that sensation.
  • Once you are in the pose, breathe and enjoy it.

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