Listen to Your Body


The adage “Listen to your body” was a phrase that I never understood until I changed my diet. In the past whatever signals my body was sending me were overshadowed by cravings and taste buds longing to be satiated. After a couple of weeks following Dr. Fuhrman’s plan, I stopped physically craving specific foods. That’s when I noticed that there were times when my mind would still try to tell me that I needed some dark chocolate in the late afternoon or  ice cream at the end of a long day. I would cross check these thoughts with my body only to realize that I was doing fine and didn’t need or want the item my mind was telling me that I wanted.

It has been equally interesting to observe how my body responds to the inputs it receives. I am much more attuned to what my body is telling me. I will crave a green smoothie or salad if I haven’t had one in a couple of days. When I’m not getting enough raw vegetables, I can tell. When I eat out, I am surprised by how salty some of the food tastes. I am really tasting food in its purest form rather than adulterated by lots of different ingredients. The food I eat feels and tastes clean, and I love it! In a way it is a recalibration process that allows the body over ride other signals it is getting so that it can focus on what it really needs. If we let it, the body will guide us in the right direction. We just have to clear out the distractors.

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