I finally made itphoto-5 to Vedge, an amazing vegan restaurant in Philadelphia. It far exceeded my expectations.  My goal was to taste as many items on the menu as I could. It didn’t disappoint! I got there early and started the evening by perusing the happy hour menu. The Smoked Baba Ganoush was the best baba ganoush I have ever eaten.  Once we moved to our table, the Braciole and the Roasted Maitake Mushroom, both from The Hot Kitchen part of the menu, were delicious.  Two favorites from The Dirt List were the Brussels Sprouts and Fingerling Fries. Every dish was thoughtfully composed and brilliantly executed. The restaurant itself is beautiful too. If you are ever in the Philadelphia area, you have to find your way to Vedge!

If your path doesn’t lead to Philly anytime soon, you don’t have to wait. The latest cookbook from Vedge chef/owners  Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby is now available. I am working my way through the recipes and will share some highlights in the future posts. In addition to the recipes, the cookbook contains recommendations on ingredients. It is especially helpful when they let you know which products work in most brands, brand preferences, and some products need to be a specific brand.  When you visit the restaurant, you can tell every detail was intentional. The text of the cookbook articulates many of those intentions. Whether you are reading the cookbook or visiting the restaurant, you are sure to be inspired.

vedge logo

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