Croteaux Vineyard

croteaux logoThis weekend we did a wine tour on the North Fork of Long Island. Of all of the places we visited, I fell in love with Croteaux Vineyards. It’s a winery dedicated to rosés. When you pull up, you know that this winery will be different because no limos, no busses, and no drop-offs are allowed. This in and of itself changes everything, but there is more. As you walk into the front door, you know you are in for something special. This sense is solidified with each step closer to the barn and garden. The Provence-inspired tasting barn and garden invite you to settle in and relax as you sip rosé. No standing at a noisy bar. It’s personal. It’s quiet. It’s perfect.


This winery knows who it is and is not being driven by external definitions of success. It is meeting it’s own definition. Could they make more wine?  Could they find a spot for busses and limos? Probably. But Croteaux is perfect just as it is. There is something to be learned from a place like this. It inspires me to cut through all the voices in my head, the echoes of the dreams of others, to listen to the one voice that is truly my own. Just as rosé sits between the poles of red and white,  maybe there is a place as perfectly positioned waiting for me.

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