“I’m too Type A to do yoga.”

“I’m too Type A to do yoga.”

Yoga came up when I was out to lunch with a couple of colleagues. I shared how much I was enjoying it when one of them made the statement, “I’m too Type A to do yoga.” I was intrigued. I didn’t respond at lunch, but I have been thinking about the statement. It made me wonder what my colleague thinks I am? not Type A? not really Type A? Do I even want to be Type A?

I realized the comment isn’t about me at all, but thinking about it does lead to an insight about my practice and myself. When I first started doing yoga, I liked the exercise, but I had trouble imagining that I would ever enjoy shavasana. It felt like a big waste of time that took me away from one of the many things I needed to get done before the end fo the night. Now, there is nothing I love more than a deliciously long shavasana. I don’t know if I do a great job of quieting my mind, but I do relish the opportunity to try. No matter how many minutes it lasts, it isn’t enough to offset the impact of a life filled with rapid fire decisions and stimulants.

Yoga actually keeps me from being “too Type A”, and that’s what I love about it. It keeps me connected to my body and focused on the present moment.  I don’t know if I would have even realized what a significant shift I have made in my attitude toward shavasana if we hadn’t had this conversation at lunch.  Whatever impact my practice has had, I am grateful.

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