Oprah & Deepak’s Desire & Destiny 21-Day Meditation Experience

Meditation on a LawnWell, I started a couple of days late, but I’m doing the 21-Day Meditation Experience. I have read that you should try to meditate in the same place at the same time each day. In an effort to figure out what place and time works best, I am experimenting with variations. This is mostly out of necessity. I fell asleep twice. One morning I got up to do the meditation before work, but I couldn’t settle my mind. All I could think about was work. I tried getting up a little earlier the next morning and it worked better. I haven’t seen any improvements in my ability to control my mind, but I notice that as I meditate my body relaxes. I can actually feel it. It’s crazy! I would love to hear about your experiences. What works for you?

One thought on “Oprah & Deepak’s Desire & Destiny 21-Day Meditation Experience

  1. imagine training a new, excited puppy with loving kindness
    limitless patience
    and diligence.
    Stay, good. Stay, good….
    Morning routine starts day with deep aspiration for peace in oneself, peace in the world.
    Paper and pencil to write down thing to do at work, freeing mind from remembering.
    Mindful breathing can go anywhere.
    As long as there is breath.

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