Colorado Weekend

Last weekend I was in Denver visiting friends and family. Whenever I travel, I wonder how easy it is going to be to find vegan and gluten-free options. This wasn’t my first trip, but it was a weekend filled with discoveries that have me ready to visit the Denver area again.

sprouts-logo-294x195Since we wanted to cook a meal together with family, I made my first trip to Sprouts, a grocery store we don’t have in the Northeast that had a wide range of products for anyone with dietary restrictions.


We also tried Axios, a Greek restaurant on Tennyson Street that had some great options. All of the sandwiches can be ordered with gluten-free bread. Among the sandwiches there was an excellent vegan option called Fakí Keftedes (Lentil Keftedes, Whipped Tahini Spread, Organic Heirloom Tomatoes, Arugula, Pickled Vegetables, Gluten Free Bread, Mixed Greens). There were also multiple salad choices beyond the typical Greek salad.

leaf-web-logo-gray-23Once I realized that Boulder was only 45 minutes away, I decided that I would take a quick trip to check it out. I have heard so much about it, I wanted to experience the place for myself. There were plenty of food options in Boulder, but I decided to try Leaf for brunch. The banana bread was not gluten-free, but it was moist and delicious.The scone with “cream” was a treat. The vegan scramble was amazing. It was perfectly seasoned and came with a deliciously balanced Colorado sauce and guacamole with a little kick.

We also tried a Thai restaurant in the Littleton area called Wild Ginger Thai Restaurant that is worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. On your way out of town, you can stop at Itza Wrap! Itza Bowl! in Terminal B of the Denver International Airport. You can get either a rice bowl with extra veggies or a wrap made with a rice wrap. You can pick your sauce or keep it simple.

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