Reflections on My 21-Day Meditation Experience

The 21-Day Meditation Experience was an important next step along my journey with meditation. The way that it was structured worked really well for me.  The commentaries from Oprah and Deepak were very helpful as I tried to focus my mind, and 20 minutes was an attainable goal. My mind circled back to the various mantras over the course of the experience. My goal was to meditate each day, but that wasn’t always possible. Having a five day “grace period” made it very practical and motivating. Since I started a couple of days late, I really needed the leeway to get caught up. When I fell behind one day, I knew it didn’t mean that my experience was over. Instead it just meant that I needed to make time to get back on track. 21 days was the perfect length of time; I stopped right on the cusp of having meditation fairly well established as a habit. I find myself craving my time to focus my mind and relax my body.

My first reaction to the conclusion of the experience was that I’m not ready for it to be over! I feel like I need more scaffolding before I can just start getting up and meditating on my own each morning. The music playing gently in the background, having Deepak there to “mind the time” and the commentary were all really helpful to the experience for me. The question now is, can I recreate this for myself. Here’s what I am thinking.

  • I can start by reading a little something from a book that can help focus my thoughts.
  • Hopefully I can get to the point where I don’t need music at all. If I really miss it, I can try a Pandora channel to play while I am meditating.
  • I can set a timer on my phone or on pandora and allow it to “mind the time for me”.
  • I can set a realistic goal to meditate 4-5 times a week.
  • I can revisit my Rod Stryker meditations.

The best thing I can do is simply follow this path. It’s easy to become doctrinaire about things like this. It has to take place in a specific way at a specific time. That only stresses me out. I love routine and will work very hard to maintain the routine, but I can’t let the routine drive me and ultimately define me. The routine exists to assist me as I work to find balance in my life. Pushing too hard to fit everything “in” at all costs has contributed to my health issues, stress levels, and ultimately my happiness.

Instead of beating myself up because I only meditated 5 times this week, I am going to be grateful for the time spent quieting my body and my mind. I am going to honor my intention to care for myself so that I have the resources to care for others.  I am going to be revel in each moment rather than charging into the future at the expense of today.

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