Looking Back on 2013

gratitudeLately I have been reflecting on the past year and how important it has been for me. I realized that while the last thing anyone wants to hear is that they have a chronic disease that will likely never go away, I was grateful for a diagnosis. It meant that I wasn’t falling into some inexplicable depression. I was physically sick but mentally relieved.

I am grateful for the ability to stick with my experiment of eating vegan and gluten-free for 1 year! In the beginning, I kept telling myself it was for three months, then six months, or until my next round of blood work. Now I don’t even think about the end. I am grateful for the support, resources, and will to try it long enough to see results.

I am grateful for birthday surprises. The love and care that was shown to me for my birthday was a turning point for me. That weekend at Canyon Ranch opened a door that has launched the transformation.

I am grateful for yoga and for inspiring teachers who encourage me to take the next step in my practice.

I am grateful for the courage to imagine new possibilities and to dream of new horizons.

I am grateful for new beginnings.

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