Survive the Cold with Hot Yoga

Across many parts of the country people are trying to stay warm. Extra layers of cloths, lots of hot tea, and comfort foods have all been part of my strategy for surviving this wintery weather. While it is tempting to head straight home and avoid the cold nights, my secret weapon isn’t at home. It’s hot yoga. On Monday, my teacher got there early to make the studio extra toasty for us. Even though the temperatures were dipping especially low on Tuesday, I wasn’t as uncomfortable as I usually am in these temperatures.

For those of us who suffer from Raynaud’s Disease, the cold is especially difficult. My fingers and toes go numb, which makes it really difficult to do simple tasks. This escalates to pain in some of my toes. With regular yoga classes each week, I have been able to avoid the pain in my toes and have reduced the numbness. I’m so grateful for yoga, my teacher, and a generous community at the studio. I’m grateful for a body that moves, for the finances to pay for the classes, and for the discipline it takes to get there consistently.

I can’t say that I am loving winter, but I’m not uncomfortable. That is progress. What do you do to deal with the cold?

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