Back to Basics


Over the past year, I have enjoyed my journey of recovery through healthier eating and living. At the start of the year, I was strict. Honestly very little of the food I ate was actually delicious, but it was healthy. After I started feeling a little better, I incorporated a little oil back into the diet. I also started including sugar on occasion too, mostly just for treats. With the holidays and being so busy, the “splurges” started to occur much more frequently. I know that for me once sugar is reintroduced, I want it all the time! That is the risk of “cheating”.

So I have decided to go back to basics for a while. For me this means focusing on a plant-based, gluten-free, vegan diet with a lot of greens, especially cruciferous vegetables. I started today with a green smoothie made of spinach, a banana, and a few pieces of papaya. I’ve made my favorite oil free salad dressing from Dr. Fuhrman, and I’ll be creating a beautiful salad for dinner. I’m back to basics, and it feels good!

Three essential steps make it possible to pull this off:

  • Have a plan. I make a list of things to make for the week. With menu options ready to go, I am much less likely to start dreaming of take-out options.
  • Prepare everything in advance. Prep vegetables for salads or snacks. If the carrot is peeled and cut it is much more likely to find it’s way into my mouth.
  • VARIETY, VARIETY, VARIETY! Variety is everything.

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