Winter Survival Guide- 34 Days Until Spring!

The fresh snow clinging to the tree limbs after a storm is breathtakingly beautiful…the first day. After what feels like weeks of cold and snow, I’m over it! The skiers are happy, but I don’t have anything that helps me love winter. I just try to wait it out and pray for spring. In the process, I try to make it tolerable.  Some Vitamin D and these strategies help.


Practice mindfulness.

I’m trying to enjoy the beauty of winter. Tree limbs are gently lined with snow. Ice formations have appeared in surprising spots. The crisp air fills my lungs. I have much to be grateful for and try to focus my attention there.


Spend time with friends and family.

In January we had a lot of company. It was so fun to have friends and family around us. It’s amazing how much fun you can have hanging out at home with people you love. It reminded me that I need to put on a pot of soup, invite some friends over, and dig out those board games more often.


Catch up on books and movies that are on your list. 

Winter is a great time to read some of those books on your list that can’t wait for the beach. If you are a movie buff, catch up on all the Oscar nominated films you missed.

iStock_000002434392SmallAdd color to your surroundings.

Citrus and flowers make me smile. A bowl of lemons, oranges or limes on the counter give me something cheery to focus on. A blooming orchid will add beauty for weeks. Even a few single flowers can add a lot to a room.


Plan your garden or containers.

The view outside of my kitchen window is dreadful. Last year I planted two climbing hydrangeas. This year I want to add to it so that when I look out the window, I see a lovely little shade garden rather than just a fence. I’m also dreaming about ways to enhance the rest of the yard.


Plan a trip.

I don’t know when my next trip will be, but the travel books are on the coffee table!

What do you do to survive the winter?

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