When a Yoga God Comes to Class…

Meditating steps to the sun - 3D render

It was a typical yoga class. I sat quietly on my mat waiting for class to start. Just as we started, a man slipped in who I didn’t remember ever seeing at the studio before. He spread his mat next to mine, and we set our intentions. Early on and even through the limits of peripheral vision, I could see that this guy was special. His movements were graceful and his practice blended the strength and flexibility in ways that I have never seen in person.

It was clear that my teacher knew him. She led us through an incredibly focused class that provided the space and guidance needed for us to take each pose the next step. We were offered opportunities to try binds and balancing poses that typically allude us. While I don’t yet have the skill to take advantage of the invitations, it was exciting to see so many areas for growth in my practice and to start to envision what I might be able to do someday. It was magical.

I couldn’t hep but wonder where this guy came from? Was he a professional dancer turned yogi? Was he born and raised in a mystical ashram? After musing about his origin for a few minutes, I realized that no matter how he got to be on the mat next to mine that day, it was a gift. I got a glimpse into a world of possibility. I found a new level of focus and dedication to my own practice that day. Even our teacher brought something extra to class. When a yoga god comes to class, we all get better.

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