Breathe Deep and Focus

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Occasionally I end up next to someone in yoga who is really annoying. This happened to me tonight for the first time in a long time. The people who I find the most annoying all seem to do the same things. They try to rearrange the people around them so that they can get the spot they want. They don’t pay attention to personal boundaries, so you will find their foot or hand on your mat at some point during the class. They have strong opinions and let them be known to others. They breathe louder than all of the typically heavy breathers in the class. It wouldn’t be totally unheard of for me to point out the annoying behavior to a stranger, but I didn’t want that to happen today. Today was different.

Tonight’s visitor was actually a gift. As soon as she came in I knew I was in danger of letting her negative attitude distract me. As we waited for class to start, I imagined that I was in a bubble protected from whatever stuff she brought in with her. I focused on my own practice. I said a prayer of gratitude. I have a great studio. I have a wonderful teacher. I was able to get out of work early enough to go to yoga. I am happy and focused. I am standing in the light.

Voila! It worked. Breathe deep of gratitude. Relax and allow joy to carry you forward. This is my lesson for today.

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