Inversions 101 with Laura Sykora

If you read Yoga Journal or Yoganonomous online, you have probably read about Instagram phenom Laura Sykora (Kasperzak). When she posted that she was going to be teaching at a local yoga studio, I jumped at the chance to attend. It was amazing!

Not only is Laura great at doing handstands and assorted inversions, she is an outstanding teacher. She started the class by making everyone feel welcomed and by telling us that she was a little nervous. She was masterful as she moved a large class of people at various levels through class. We warmed up and did a few stretches for the arms and shoulders that I hadn’t done before. She set it up so that everyone was successful on every pose. She did this two ways. First, she gave lots of alternatives. She would explain each pose with variations. One variation was for those who weren’t ready for the full pose, and one was for those who could already do the pose. Each of the inversions was like that too.

She gave warnings about using the wall as a crutch, and then shared alternatives for getting off the wall with assistance. She shared three things that are needed to do handstands.

1) Establish a consistent yoga practice. This will build up the core, arms, shoulders, and increase flexibility.
2) Stay positive. Some days you will fee like your making a lot of progress. Others days you might not be able to get up at all. It’s okay.
3) Practice. Practice. Practice.

The mantra at the end wasn’t typical, but lots of fun. “I’m a bad ass. I’m a mother f*** bad ass.” I wasn’t expecting it, but we finished with a deliciously long savasana. Perfection.


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