Big Step or Baby Step, Give Your Comfort Zone a Vacation!

I promised myself I would get out of my comfort zone. This weekend I decided to be spontaneous and keep that promise. We headed to Montauk, New York to check out Hither Hills State Park. Knowing that campsites are typically booked months in advance, we loaded up the car and hoped for the best.

photo 1

My brother mentioned Hither Hills State Park to me a couple of weeks ago. I did a little research and was intrigued. The description of Hither Hills in a New York Times article won me over. While I don’t camp, I do love the beach. I will do just about anything to spend time there, so off we went. If this was successful, it would be the first time I had been camping since I was a little kid.

When we approached the woman at the desk to ask if there was any availability for the night, we where shocked when she said that there was one campsite left. This, we realized, was the Hither Hills equivalent to a lottery win. The people in line behind us assured us that this never happens. After celebrating our good fortune, we headed to campsite C19.

Once we set up the tent, we went to the beach just 100 yards away. It was my favorite time of day- around 4 PM. It was beautiful.

photo 3

Despite my fears, I survived the night.  I got up once and went outside to admire the constellations of the summer sky. It took my breath away. I laid on the picnic table and soaked it all in. Amazing.

We went for a run the next morning and then had breakfast at our campsite.

photo 5 photo 4

Not only did I have a great time and discover a new place, but I also realized that my comfort zone is overrated. I surprised myself and had fun doing it. What’s next? What can you do to get out of your comfort zone? Big step or baby step, you will feel energized by DOING it.

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