Yoga Membership!

It is hard to believe that my yearly membership to the yoga studio is almost up! It was a big decision for me to purchase the yearly membership. I have been one of those people who gets the gym membership but NEVER goes to the gym. I didn’t want to waste the money again. More importantly, I didn’t want the yoga studio to turn into the gym- a place I think I ought to go spend time but never do. I was worried that the studio would go out of business, or that I would get sick and not be able to use it. What if I got a new job and moved away? What if my favorite teacher changed her schedule and I had to go to other teachers? Now that I am writing this a year later, I am embarrassed by all of these worries.

This decision demonstrated just how much I can overthink really simple decisions- especially any decision that includes a big purchase. I decided to make the year an experiment. I kept track of every class that I took. I knew that I needed to attend 60 classes to break even. An amazing thing happened. Instead of trying to make the 10 visit pack last a little longer, I started going to yoga even more. I started trying new teachers. I started to find times when I could squeeze it in because I enjoyed it so much.

At this point I have far exceeded my 60 class goal, and there are some weeks when I can manage to get to yoga 3 times a week. It feels so good! I once attended a retreat with a yogi who told us that when you move from two classes a week to three, you see your practice transformed. I can’t wait to see what kind of transformation it brings and what it will mean for my yoga and my life.

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